Introducing Discover


Snapchat has always celebrated the way that you and your friends see the world. It’s fun to experience different perspectives through Snaps, Stories and Our Story.

Today we’re introducing Discover.

Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the…

"Viral content" is so 2014 -- or so we can only hope

Good context by PandoDaily on The New Yorker’s story about Emerson Spartz (the King of Clickbait story I posted earlier this week), which warns against fast, cheap content:

Facebook’s algorithm changes to its News Feed makes it unreliable as a traffic source and the audience for one-size-fits-all content websites is difficult to assess “until it’s too late,” according to PandoDaily’s Bryan Goldberg.

King of Clickbait

Fascinating read

The 12 days of editing

How Tumblr's making its case to brands

ICYMI - “Tumblr wants to change that narrative by positioning itself as more a media channel than large social network,” ~ Digiday reports.