News distribution tools take forefront in two surveys

Data out this week reveal two new findings in news consumption. The surveys focus on the news distribution means and show that the distribution tools -- Twitter and search engines -- are having an effect on news organizations' digital properties.

With Twitter, an active presence matters. In other words, it's out of sight, out of mind. In terms of news consumption, search engines trump news as the go-to trusted source for news.

Searchmetrics studied the top 10 UK newspapers on Twitter. It concluded that The Guardian was the most popular, although it didn't produce more stories and they weren't the most shareable. The Daily Mail creates the most shareable stories, Econsultancy determined in its report of the Searchmetrics study.

Data show The Guardian tweets the most at more than 392,000 tweets per week. So why is The Guardian the most tweeted newspaper? "The answer to this could well be in frequency," according to Econsultancy.

Edelman surveyed 27,000 people and found that search engines were "the most trusted source for general news and information," Quartz reported.

What does this data mean for media companies? The Twitter findings by Searchmetrics stress more than ever how important the social media presence is as well as what they do in the space. Media companies don't need to be convinced that they need to be on Twitter, but the audience does respond to the constantly updating environment.

The findings in the Edelman study, show the at-a-glance display of results found to be important by the algorithm, according to Quartz. What news orgs can take away there -- is that the display and who has validated that news as important matters.

(Photo source: Jon S./Flickr)